the artists


Silas Bieri was born in Biel, Switzerland. He became interested in music at an early age and has through the years mastered several different instruments. Silas started working with digital sound and electronic composition in the 90’s. He has a masters degree in sound engineering from ARTOS in Lausanne, Switzerland, and has been both locally and international with big events, music production and composition for stage art and modern dance. Silas is based in Malmö, Sweden, where he runs the studio in-discourse and is design sound for businesses as well for stage and film. In the coming years, Silas is looking forward to putting his artistic experiences to use to create and publish new music.


Alexis Rodríguez Cancino, born in Barranquilla, photographer with a degree in Mechanical Engineer at Universidad Del Norte in Colombia, M1 Acoustics at Paris Sorbonne and Masters Degree in Audiovisual Postproduction at Universitat Politècnica de València in Spain. Based in Malmö since 2014: Working in the media, culture and art sector on audiovisual projects from music productions to stage art, with themes ranging city planning and social innovation to artistic research and movement. He runs the experimental music label