previous exhibitions

In October 2020, Drafts of Silence was part of the art event Ear Sound Scape. The installation for the event focused on Lokstallarna, an old workshop for trains located in Kirseberg, Malmö. Research was made on location and an audiovisual performance was created by matching sound recordings and sound created by the ventilation and other elements of the room with two photo loops presented on monitors in different parts of the room. The photos, sound and empty spacious rooms of the old industrial building created an aesthetically wondrous way of telling the story of Lokstallarnas transformation. In the video below you will find an excerpt of the work, an opportunity to get a glimpse of a temporary moment that is now gone.

Drafts of Silence #1 and Ear Sound Scape were made possible by support from the city of Malmö/Malmö Stad.